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Know More With Peep More

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When More Is Not N-OFF

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bad Piggies:How pigs stole eggs from the Angry Birds

Bad Piggies is released today 27-Sep,its the new release from Rovio entertainment,the Finnish video game company that gave us the Angry Birds and Amazing Alex.Bad piggies is the other side story of the Angry Birds,in which the pigs are struggling hard to steal eggs from the Angry Birds.Though Piggies is a physics based game it is slightly different from the most famous Angry Birds and its 3 sequels.It is a fresh concept in which you build the vehicles for the pigs and move along hurdles with least damages to a get a three star,all this to steal a few eggs.

The game is released in ios, android and mac, it has 60 puzzle filled levels, HD version.The game is a little tougher when compared to Angry Birds and might get you frustrated a few times, well you can say its a little hardcore for a casual gamer,but I liked the way it makes us think.
You will definitely like the game if you liked Angry Birds.
Have a peep at the Bad Piggies Game play.

About the Company

Rovio Entertainment, Relude and Rovio Mobile is a Finnish Mobile Software Company founded in 2003 and was renamed as Rovio Entertainment in 2005.In December 2009 Rovio released Angry Birds for Ios, which became a major hit and stood Top 1 in the charts, the sequels Angry Birds SEASONS,RIO and SPACE continued to stay so.The Amazing Alex was released in 2012, which was in the top 1 when released but gradually got down to top 50 now. The company has high hopes on the Bad Piggies,lets wait and see, does Bad Piggies stays at top 1 like Angry Birds or goes down like Amazing Alex.

Monday, 18 June 2012

NameBench, now boost your internet speed.

Computers understand language of 0's and 1's only, so whatever URL (website name like you type in the address bar, it should be converted to number to make your pc understand it, which is done by DNS. DNS keeps the records of name and associated ip(numerical address of the site), so when you enter a website name like Google or, it searches for the websites ip in the DNS and then loads the page for you.If the DNS is slow the response is slow,making it appear like the internet is slow.This tweak might increase the internet from 5% to 50%.

1. Click on the extract  button

2.Click on location, select country and on query source select the browser you use and then Start Benchmark.

copy the primary and secondary ip address into a notepad.

3.Right-click and click on status.

4.Click on properties.
I think you can see my internet connection speed and data received I hardly recieved 9.5MB from the time I started this post.

5.Double click on Internet Protocol.
6.Enter the values you copied to notepad and hit Ok.

This setting is not applied until you reconnect.

Tweak Firefox to boost internet speed

Firefox comes with default settings that you can change to speed up your internet.Here's a list of tweaks that you could make to the browser to change the way it handles request.But before start making changes in the settings, save the prefs.js file which is usually in C drive if you are using an installed version, for portable version check in the file which it is saved.I am using a portable version, which is stored in D drive.If the images are not visible click on the images and you can circle through the images.

1.In the address bar type about:config and click on I will be careful, I promise.

2.Once you promise, the following menu appears, carefully observe the type of data.If you double click on string and int you can change the value,but double clicking on Boolean type will only switch from true to false or vice-verse, in the filter type network.http which will bring up all the network related settings.

make the following settings.
--> network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server --> 8.
Default value is 6.
Increasing this value will increase the max number of connections per server.This will speed up the loading of the rich multimedia sites.

-->network.http.pipelining -->true
Default value is false.
Page loading time is reduced as it sends multiple requests to the server.

-->network.http.pipelining.maxrequests -->8
Default value is 4.Max value to use is 8.
Sets 8 as the maximum number of multiple requests that it could pipeline without overloading the server.

-->network.prefetch-next -->false.
Default value is true.
Firefox is set to load or pre-fetch the pages that are linked to the website.Setting it to false will stop it from loading the pages.

browser.display.show_image_placeholders --> false
Disables the ability to show placeholders,while loading images which in-turn speeds up internet.

keyword.url -->> depending on your country. for India for Uk

Other tweaks
-->network.http.keep-alive -->true.
--> network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy --> 20.
-->network.http.keep-alive -->true.

3.Restart the browser to apply the changes.

Tweak QoS Packet Scheduler to increase internet speed by 20%

You can save up that 20% bandwidth and boost up the net speed, which windows has reserved.

1.Go to Start-->Run and type gpedit.msc and Click on OK.

gpedit.msc=Group Policy Edit. Microsoft Console

2.Double Click on Group Policy-->Computer Configuration-->Administrative Templates-->
Network-->QoS Packet Scheduler-->Limit Reserved Bandwidth
Click on Enabled and change bandwidth to 0%.That's it.

Increase the speed of your internet by 100%

Is your internet slow,is your valuable time being wasted in waiting for the page to load and response???
Then this post is may be useful to you.
Everyone hates to be in the slow internet zone, we have a busy life, have more worth things to do than to keep waiting for that lagging internet to reply.Straight to the point there are few things you could do to fasten your internet connection either by tweaking the settings of browser or by changing the DNS (Domain Name Sever) settings.It's not rocket science follow the post to get step-by-step explanation on how to do it and you can always revert back if you wish to, but sure you see some positive changes in the internet speed.As the images too big open them in new tab to see in detail.

5 ways to increase speed your internet speed.

1.QoS Packet Scheduler Tweak
Windows saves 20% of bandwidth for its updates and other application,if you are the admin of the system you can change this setting to get that 20%, don't worry it does not harm your system.Here's how to do it.

If you don't want to read the explanation on it works, You can click here.
Computers understand language of 0's and 1's only, so whatever URL (website name like you type in the address bar, it should be converted to number to make your pc understand it, which is done by DNS. DNS keeps the records of name and associated ip(numerical address of the site), so when you enter a website name like Google or, it searches for the websites ip in the DNS and then loads the page for you.If the DNS is slow the response is slow,making it appear like the internet is slow.This tweak might increase the internet from 5% to 50%.
Click here.

3.Tweak Mozilla for changing the default settings.
Tweak the mozilla Firefox default settings to change how it handles the websites. Click here

4. Tool Bars and Plugins are not good for health
They consume your internet bandwidth and your computer memory.If your computer has less memory you should think before installing more plugins and toolbar here's a look at how it is affected.Click here.

5. Internet Connection
Choose the internet connection wisely,a nagging wife is much better than a lagging internet.Trust me you will be irritated by slow internet if you are a active internet user, imagine how much of time is wasted in loading of  pages even I am victim of that.
So before going for any internet connection make sure that it provides good service either you could ask your friends or check out some related forums.Bsnl stands the number one in India with cheap costs and if you are in major city then the costs are reduced further.The new Act Broad Band is also performing good, you can try that,it has good speed but it is not providing unlimited plans at cheap costs.

Toolbars and plugins are not good for slow computers.

Tool-bars and plugins reduce a lot work to us.For example I always use the alexa plugin when choosing a site from Google's search result and seo status plugin that shows page ranking of a site, depending on this I decide whether to enter the site or not, also I can check any competitors ranking and Avast plugin that shows how safe is a website based on votes.Without the alexa and seo status plugin I should enter alexa and prchecker sites and literally enter captcha code to verify myself as human.Now how tedious is that.
But the main problem is that they consume your internet bandwidth and your computer memory, both are not good if your computer has less memory and slow internet.
Plugins also work like sites so they also take share in the network and slow down your internet.You should reconsider yourself before installing more plugins and toolbar here's a look at how it is affected and memory usage of  plugins is shown through Task Manager.

As you can see two tabs and three plugins are running on my browser and hence more number of chrome processes are also running.If you computer's RAM is less than it would hang your system, so reduce using plugins or disable them when not in use.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Ten different virus that are famous in the world--part 2

5.File Infector:-
The executable(.exe) file example Paint.exe is infected and every time you run the paint program the virus is activated most of the virus belong to these groups.

4.Boot Sector
A boot sector virus when infected into a computer is smart enough to infect the MBR(Master Boot Records) of the system to place its own set of instructions,hence the name boot-sector virus.These virus are considered to be dangerous as they are loaded every time the system is loaded.As a result,booting problems  occur and start up is delayed and the flow of normal execution of programs is altered.

3.Root Kit:-This type of virus is useful in hiding the activity of the virus(gives stealth mode to the virus) thus making it hard to the Anti-virus to find it.These are widely used to gain access to the host computer as a administrator(Root User) capable of making changes to the system.The word comes from Linux where Root user means equal to admin.The Kit means a group of tools.thus the name Root-Kit.
Re-installing the operating system is the best solution.

Worms are primarily not intended to corrupt files or data destruction but they are mainly aimed into replicating, spreading and perform various actions,either replicate and destroy, replicate and spam, send emails,steal your contacts and return them to the worm author which are used to spam.
Usually spammers are the people who hire these guys to code such worms.
These type of malwares are quite harmless when the system is not connected to PC.
However over a active internet connection it becomes evil, stealing your personal information,bank account details that you type in form or redirect you to some other page that look like a genuine site.Or the least it could do is consume a portion of your network bandwidth.Worms are more dangerous as they can replicate automatically without the user needing to click over it. 
Sql Slammer worm, in 2003 within 10 minutes this virus had infected more than 75,000 computers.
Few examples of worms Bancos, Gator, Qhost and Sql Slammer.

1.Trojan or Trojan horse
These are the virus which panics people,because of their level of destruction they perform.The name is derived from Greek mythology, where a horse made of wood was used by soldiers to sneak into the enemy's place.Usually these viruses come along downloaded softwares which are meant to be harmless or useful, but once they become active they perform a greater damage.They do not inject into other files but replicate
They are widely used to
-->Still information from your computers.
-->Open a backdoor in the host computer.
-->Keystroke logger.
-->data destruction.
-->Install third party softwares.

However viruses may not be used for evil purpose only on the good site take for example the Nachi family worm this worm finds the host computer's vulnerabilities, downloads patch and installs it.Even reboots with user's consent.

Few other known viruses may include
Spyware:-Helpful in monitoring host computer's activities and send it to a remote person.

Adware:-Pop up and displays ads.Not all adwares are malwares because few softwares are given for free, whose revenue source are the pop ups.

Hijacker:-A program that attempts to hijack the internet functions.

Few tips that would be helpful

-->Never download file if you do not trust the website even though if it says virus free.
-->Try avoiding downloading of softwares from file sharing or any other site.Instead download them from official sites.If you need a pirated version try the one with serial key, avoid files involving patches.Trust me patches are a small code of virus that hacks the trial version but many times it has a real virus that could be potentially dangerous.
--> Always use a good anti-virus software and keep it updated.
-->Use Anti-virus that can deep scan your computer.
-->Use a paid or premium version because free and trail version do not fully protect your computer, because they provide you system security and not internet security.If you are active internet user it would be helpful.
-->Anti-virus is too costly??? Look for offers, sometimes they provide with multiple account for a little extra cash which you can share with your friends.

Ten different viruses that are famous in the internet world part-1

A program that is intentionally written to disturb the normal processing of a computer is commonly called a virus but the standard term used is Malicious software.It is small piece of code that is intended to harm the host(user) computer or fetch some valuable information, whether it is personal, credit card or bank account.These malwares (short for Malicious software) either corrupt the valuable files in your computer or steal, information on your computer.
Malwares are primarily distributed through the internet,they land on your computer either as a an attachment to the downloaded file or while running scripts on the internet.And few virus are capable replication and are infected into other computers by portable devices like pen-drive or hard-disk.

Here's a list of 10 malware types that are famed in the internet world,which people would never like to encounter with.

10.Logic Bombs:-
These type of codes become active or start processing until some specific criteria or logic is met, which the programmer has set.These are quite dangerous codes as they are not detected by antivirus until they are active.So possibility of damage is is more.Additionally few codes are such that they get activated on certain dates such as April 1st or Halloween, these are are time bomb.Seeing my example may make you feel like time bombs are not virus, what if the written code activates at the end of a month and deletes all the details of transaction in a bank.

FAT, short for File Allocation Table was the standard technology or storage media,which was helpful in determining which sector a particular file was located in.FAT viruses alter or destroys the allocation of table hence its impossible to access that data again, making permanently unavailable.

These programs are specifically dedicated to inject or use other application's macro programming language to distribute themselves.These viruses are usually attack a text file, MS-WORD or EXCEL file.

7.Resident Virus:-
These viruses embed themselves into the computer's memory i,e they allocate memory for themselves and hence find a way to infect every program the operating systems executes.Usually these codes embed into system files so deeply that when it infects anti-virus,even the Anti-virus will nit be able to detect it.These virus are smartly written by hackers or coders so that the host user could not be able to find that his system in infected this way there would be chances of getting infected into other computers.

These are some kind of virus I really appreciate, because of their smart way of changing their looks to hide themselves from anti-virus.These type of viruses carry with themselves a encryption and decryption code.The function(behavior) of this code to harm does not change but the appearance changes.They decrypt and encrypt according to the need and thus the anti-virus find it hard to recognize the changing signature.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Upcoming Movies in June 2012

Here's the list of all Hollywood movies to be released in the month of June.The list consists of movies of  genre action, adventure, comedy and all other genres.

Action and Adventure

Snow White and the Huntsman                        Piranha 3DD                            Prometheus
Snow White and
the Huntsman 
    Piranha 3DD                                  Prometheus
                                       Abraham Lincoln:
                                         Vampire Hunter
                           G.I.Joe Retaliation


Madagascar 3:Europe's
Most Wanted


 Battlefield America                     

  Battlefield America                        Rock of Ages

Comedy and Drama

That's My Boy                    Magic Mike       Lola Versus

    Take this WaltzTo Rome with Love             Ted

People Like UsTyler's Madea
Witness Protection
                         I Heart Shakey

High School

Comedy,Romance and Space

Seeking a Friend for the
 End of the World

Mystery,Suspense and Thriller

The Women in the Fifth

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

What google knows about you

In my previous posts I had stated about how google tracks your foot prints from all over the internet and there is another posts which says how google saves all your information now obviously the question is how much of information is stored about you.
As I stated in the other two posts, google stores your search queries co-related with your ip address and email in case you were logged in while searching your queries.
To know what google has stored about you,sign into your gmail account and then open a new tab and in the address type long as your session is active,you can copy paste the address and check it.Once the tabs loads completely, you can see the list of all searches you made several months ago, yes it saves all the queries made until 9 months is the talk.However you can select and delete all the history.While opening the search history its good that you check your history when you are alone,in case there are some personal queries you made, which you don't want others to know.

As a programmer,I can say the list of history which you get as response in your browser is just a copy of it,so is that really deleted from the google's database so easily, a history saved from several months,which is highly helpful in  targeting ads to you.
OR May be I am wrong and Google is honest to its users.