Monday, 18 June 2012

Increase the speed of your internet by 100%

Is your internet slow,is your valuable time being wasted in waiting for the page to load and response???
Then this post is may be useful to you.
Everyone hates to be in the slow internet zone, we have a busy life, have more worth things to do than to keep waiting for that lagging internet to reply.Straight to the point there are few things you could do to fasten your internet connection either by tweaking the settings of browser or by changing the DNS (Domain Name Sever) settings.It's not rocket science follow the post to get step-by-step explanation on how to do it and you can always revert back if you wish to, but sure you see some positive changes in the internet speed.As the images too big open them in new tab to see in detail.

5 ways to increase speed your internet speed.

1.QoS Packet Scheduler Tweak
Windows saves 20% of bandwidth for its updates and other application,if you are the admin of the system you can change this setting to get that 20%, don't worry it does not harm your system.Here's how to do it.

If you don't want to read the explanation on it works, You can click here.
Computers understand language of 0's and 1's only, so whatever URL (website name like you type in the address bar, it should be converted to number to make your pc understand it, which is done by DNS. DNS keeps the records of name and associated ip(numerical address of the site), so when you enter a website name like Google or, it searches for the websites ip in the DNS and then loads the page for you.If the DNS is slow the response is slow,making it appear like the internet is slow.This tweak might increase the internet from 5% to 50%.
Click here.

3.Tweak Mozilla for changing the default settings.
Tweak the mozilla Firefox default settings to change how it handles the websites. Click here

4. Tool Bars and Plugins are not good for health
They consume your internet bandwidth and your computer memory.If your computer has less memory you should think before installing more plugins and toolbar here's a look at how it is affected.Click here.

5. Internet Connection
Choose the internet connection wisely,a nagging wife is much better than a lagging internet.Trust me you will be irritated by slow internet if you are a active internet user, imagine how much of time is wasted in loading of  pages even I am victim of that.
So before going for any internet connection make sure that it provides good service either you could ask your friends or check out some related forums.Bsnl stands the number one in India with cheap costs and if you are in major city then the costs are reduced further.The new Act Broad Band is also performing good, you can try that,it has good speed but it is not providing unlimited plans at cheap costs.


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