Monday, 18 June 2012

NameBench, now boost your internet speed.

Computers understand language of 0's and 1's only, so whatever URL (website name like you type in the address bar, it should be converted to number to make your pc understand it, which is done by DNS. DNS keeps the records of name and associated ip(numerical address of the site), so when you enter a website name like Google or, it searches for the websites ip in the DNS and then loads the page for you.If the DNS is slow the response is slow,making it appear like the internet is slow.This tweak might increase the internet from 5% to 50%.

1. Click on the extract  button

2.Click on location, select country and on query source select the browser you use and then Start Benchmark.

copy the primary and secondary ip address into a notepad.

3.Right-click and click on status.

4.Click on properties.
I think you can see my internet connection speed and data received I hardly recieved 9.5MB from the time I started this post.

5.Double click on Internet Protocol.
6.Enter the values you copied to notepad and hit Ok.

This setting is not applied until you reconnect.


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Thanks for giving information,
It's very useful Article for beginners.I followed your article,Now i have better internet speed.I checked my new net speed using I got good results.

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