Monday, 11 June 2012

Ten different virus that are famous in the world--part 2

5.File Infector:-
The executable(.exe) file example Paint.exe is infected and every time you run the paint program the virus is activated most of the virus belong to these groups.

4.Boot Sector
A boot sector virus when infected into a computer is smart enough to infect the MBR(Master Boot Records) of the system to place its own set of instructions,hence the name boot-sector virus.These virus are considered to be dangerous as they are loaded every time the system is loaded.As a result,booting problems  occur and start up is delayed and the flow of normal execution of programs is altered.

3.Root Kit:-This type of virus is useful in hiding the activity of the virus(gives stealth mode to the virus) thus making it hard to the Anti-virus to find it.These are widely used to gain access to the host computer as a administrator(Root User) capable of making changes to the system.The word comes from Linux where Root user means equal to admin.The Kit means a group of tools.thus the name Root-Kit.
Re-installing the operating system is the best solution.

Worms are primarily not intended to corrupt files or data destruction but they are mainly aimed into replicating, spreading and perform various actions,either replicate and destroy, replicate and spam, send emails,steal your contacts and return them to the worm author which are used to spam.
Usually spammers are the people who hire these guys to code such worms.
These type of malwares are quite harmless when the system is not connected to PC.
However over a active internet connection it becomes evil, stealing your personal information,bank account details that you type in form or redirect you to some other page that look like a genuine site.Or the least it could do is consume a portion of your network bandwidth.Worms are more dangerous as they can replicate automatically without the user needing to click over it. 
Sql Slammer worm, in 2003 within 10 minutes this virus had infected more than 75,000 computers.
Few examples of worms Bancos, Gator, Qhost and Sql Slammer.

1.Trojan or Trojan horse
These are the virus which panics people,because of their level of destruction they perform.The name is derived from Greek mythology, where a horse made of wood was used by soldiers to sneak into the enemy's place.Usually these viruses come along downloaded softwares which are meant to be harmless or useful, but once they become active they perform a greater damage.They do not inject into other files but replicate
They are widely used to
-->Still information from your computers.
-->Open a backdoor in the host computer.
-->Keystroke logger.
-->data destruction.
-->Install third party softwares.

However viruses may not be used for evil purpose only on the good site take for example the Nachi family worm this worm finds the host computer's vulnerabilities, downloads patch and installs it.Even reboots with user's consent.

Few other known viruses may include
Spyware:-Helpful in monitoring host computer's activities and send it to a remote person.

Adware:-Pop up and displays ads.Not all adwares are malwares because few softwares are given for free, whose revenue source are the pop ups.

Hijacker:-A program that attempts to hijack the internet functions.

Few tips that would be helpful

-->Never download file if you do not trust the website even though if it says virus free.
-->Try avoiding downloading of softwares from file sharing or any other site.Instead download them from official sites.If you need a pirated version try the one with serial key, avoid files involving patches.Trust me patches are a small code of virus that hacks the trial version but many times it has a real virus that could be potentially dangerous.
--> Always use a good anti-virus software and keep it updated.
-->Use Anti-virus that can deep scan your computer.
-->Use a paid or premium version because free and trail version do not fully protect your computer, because they provide you system security and not internet security.If you are active internet user it would be helpful.
-->Anti-virus is too costly??? Look for offers, sometimes they provide with multiple account for a little extra cash which you can share with your friends.


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