Monday, 18 June 2012

Toolbars and plugins are not good for slow computers.

Tool-bars and plugins reduce a lot work to us.For example I always use the alexa plugin when choosing a site from Google's search result and seo status plugin that shows page ranking of a site, depending on this I decide whether to enter the site or not, also I can check any competitors ranking and Avast plugin that shows how safe is a website based on votes.Without the alexa and seo status plugin I should enter alexa and prchecker sites and literally enter captcha code to verify myself as human.Now how tedious is that.
But the main problem is that they consume your internet bandwidth and your computer memory, both are not good if your computer has less memory and slow internet.
Plugins also work like sites so they also take share in the network and slow down your internet.You should reconsider yourself before installing more plugins and toolbar here's a look at how it is affected and memory usage of  plugins is shown through Task Manager.

As you can see two tabs and three plugins are running on my browser and hence more number of chrome processes are also running.If you computer's RAM is less than it would hang your system, so reduce using plugins or disable them when not in use.


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