Monday, 18 June 2012

Tweak Firefox to boost internet speed

Firefox comes with default settings that you can change to speed up your internet.Here's a list of tweaks that you could make to the browser to change the way it handles request.But before start making changes in the settings, save the prefs.js file which is usually in C drive if you are using an installed version, for portable version check in the file which it is saved.I am using a portable version, which is stored in D drive.If the images are not visible click on the images and you can circle through the images.

1.In the address bar type about:config and click on I will be careful, I promise.

2.Once you promise, the following menu appears, carefully observe the type of data.If you double click on string and int you can change the value,but double clicking on Boolean type will only switch from true to false or vice-verse, in the filter type network.http which will bring up all the network related settings.

make the following settings.
--> network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-server --> 8.
Default value is 6.
Increasing this value will increase the max number of connections per server.This will speed up the loading of the rich multimedia sites.

-->network.http.pipelining -->true
Default value is false.
Page loading time is reduced as it sends multiple requests to the server.

-->network.http.pipelining.maxrequests -->8
Default value is 4.Max value to use is 8.
Sets 8 as the maximum number of multiple requests that it could pipeline without overloading the server.

-->network.prefetch-next -->false.
Default value is true.
Firefox is set to load or pre-fetch the pages that are linked to the website.Setting it to false will stop it from loading the pages.

browser.display.show_image_placeholders --> false
Disables the ability to show placeholders,while loading images which in-turn speeds up internet.

keyword.url -->> depending on your country. for India for Uk

Other tweaks
-->network.http.keep-alive -->true.
--> network.http.max-persistent-connections-per-proxy --> 20.
-->network.http.keep-alive -->true.

3.Restart the browser to apply the changes.


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