Thursday, 27 September 2012

Bad Piggies:How pigs stole eggs from the Angry Birds

Bad Piggies is released today 27-Sep,its the new release from Rovio entertainment,the Finnish video game company that gave us the Angry Birds and Amazing Alex.Bad piggies is the other side story of the Angry Birds,in which the pigs are struggling hard to steal eggs from the Angry Birds.Though Piggies is a physics based game it is slightly different from the most famous Angry Birds and its 3 sequels.It is a fresh concept in which you build the vehicles for the pigs and move along hurdles with least damages to a get a three star,all this to steal a few eggs.

The game is released in ios, android and mac, it has 60 puzzle filled levels, HD version.The game is a little tougher when compared to Angry Birds and might get you frustrated a few times, well you can say its a little hardcore for a casual gamer,but I liked the way it makes us think.
You will definitely like the game if you liked Angry Birds.
Have a peep at the Bad Piggies Game play.

About the Company

Rovio Entertainment, Relude and Rovio Mobile is a Finnish Mobile Software Company founded in 2003 and was renamed as Rovio Entertainment in 2005.In December 2009 Rovio released Angry Birds for Ios, which became a major hit and stood Top 1 in the charts, the sequels Angry Birds SEASONS,RIO and SPACE continued to stay so.The Amazing Alex was released in 2012, which was in the top 1 when released but gradually got down to top 50 now. The company has high hopes on the Bad Piggies,lets wait and see, does Bad Piggies stays at top 1 like Angry Birds or goes down like Amazing Alex.


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